Aug 6, 2013
Preliminary (22/135 chp)
Er, this is my first review but here goes.
When I first saw this manga I was reluctant to read it cause I didn't think it would be interesting since it had calligraphy which I think is boring and a cliche setting of a new guy in town.
But after reading the first few chapters I realized that I enjoy this manga quite a lot since it has some very funny scenes and has a semi-original story/setting about how a guy who is good at what he does but not the best so he goes to some random place and finds inspiration.

Anyway the art is very good and although it does not go into much detail about all the character it is still funny since you know what each character is like such as the guy who is nice but pretends to be a delinquent and the MC who is extremely into calligraphy and the school girl whos into BL manga interpreting situations as real life BL.

It shows everyday situations and events in a new funny way like most slice of life stories. With a hilarious solution to the problems that occur each time.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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