Oct 23, 2007
Air (Anime) add (All reviews)
Master10K (All reviews)
Air is an anime series, with a great batch of characters to go with a beautiful and heart-breaking story however it can be a difficult story for some to follow. ^_^

From the beginning it is pretty easy to tell that the show originated from an “eroge / visual novel”; with the ordinary guy coincidently meeting a girl that would change his life. Air is an anime with a very weird concept which can be pretty difficult to comprehend to begin with. The story basically follows Yukito, the male protagonist who gets to know three girls, each of them having something mysterious and peculiar about them and their past. It seems that they all are linked in some way to “the girl in the sky” and that’s something they eventually discover. The problem is that behind all the excellent drama lies a very confusing story that can leave anyone thinking “where the heck is this going?” Yet the show still remains great to watch throughout, plus the 2 amazing OAVs are a bit of an extra.

The quality of the animation is the best thing about this show as the story only comes alive with the spectacular visuals that are always on display. The character models are okay, with the cute girls having the typical “moe” look anime fans are used to. The environment is where the animation truly shines, with an incredible amount of detail put into every aspect and object.

On the other hand the music doesn’t really do much for the show and is barely even noticeable. At least it has a decent opening and ending theme song. Thanks to “Kyoto Animation” (the same company later responsible for Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon and Full Metal Panic!) the animation quality of the show remains the strongest aspect and can easily overshadow every other aspects, including the confusing storyline.

Overall this is a really interesting, short anime, which can be difficult to understand from the beginning but it improves as more is revealed later on. It always remains very emotional throughout, but the voice actors could have done a better job. So in the end, this can only be recommended to the most open minded romance anime fan or someone whose a fan of other KyoAni works, but I must warn you that this series will get fairly depressing.