Aug 5, 2013
TurnipGod (All reviews)
Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon. This anime definitely went under radar and is one of those that is not easy for the viewers to get into.It has a large terminology that is just thrown at you such as "Tes" and "Jud" as well as a massive cast of characters and a fairly complex background that would leave most viewers more confused after the first episode then Guilty Crowns plot holes. However despite all this, I can't stop loving this anime.

The main story arc in Horizon is pretty straightforward and simple. The best part about the story is the "battles". The battles in Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon is by far the most unique ones I've watched. It ranges from typical shounen fights to debates and mechs.

The art is decent. It's not horrendous, but it's no Guilty Crown. It definitely stands strong although some character design are a little bit strange (Kimi's "balloons"). Although the art does do a good job of making all the character distinguishable despite it's massive cast, and in turn makes it a little bit easier for the viewers to familiarize themselves with the cast.

This soundtrack is amazing. Every part of it fits well into the anime itself ranging from sweeping orchestral to electone beats. The OP I think is a hit or miss for people, but the 2 different ED do a good job in adding more atmosphere to the anime itself (I'm a sucker for those parts where they start playing the ending before the anime cuts to the credits).

Here is where this anime shines the brightest. The characters are easily identifiable(thank you artwork) and have unique personality. All the characters did not overstay their welcome and their unique personality did not become something that was unique to something that would become annoying. However, the reference in the anime to famous historical figures (Gin Tachibana, Muneshige Tachibana) actually does hurt the anime a bit because of the lack of explanation for the different relationships. Overall the characters are what brings the entire anime together and throughout the anime they really do grow on you.

Awesome action. Great music. slapstick easy to understand humor, a solid story, and great characters. I could not ask much else from this anime except for more episodes.

To sum up this anime, it includes basically everything and anything you can think of. This anime is basically "fan-fiction the Anime". It is a great watch and definitely should be given a chance