Dec 30, 2008
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
This story mainly focuses on mafia! where Sawada Tsunayoshi known as Sawada or Tsuna is the next boss of the Vongola Family's 10th generation,the Vongola family is the strongest mafia family in the world.Tsuna is a total failure,a wimp,seriously and honestly weak, and when i first saw him in the first 10 to 20 episodes i thought he was just pathetic! PATHETIC! weak and PATHETIC! and im like saying to myself " omg how can this wimp be the next boss of the strongest mafia family in the world! just impossible..hes a failure in school with failing grades , he cant fight , cant play any sports and is called no good tsuna in school(dame tsuna).
Then comes along Reborn known as the strongest hitman in the world, hes that small infant and is strong!hes also known as the seven strongest infants in the world known as an Acrobaleno, hes that tiny chibi guy with the hat.Later in the story u will come to find that he was turned into an infant for some reason.He comes as Tsuna's kateikyoushi(tutor) and trains him to be the 10th boss of the vongola family but tsuna really doesnt want to be part of the mafia but he has no choice. Reborn trains tsuna with this special bullet called the dying will bullet.When u are shot with this bullet u must have a dying will and will come back to life in the dying will mode and fullfill ur dying will no matter what(this will be introduced and explained in the first episode itself) if u dont have a dying will when shot u will just die , as u go further into the story u will come to find that many problems start to arise and Tsuna has no choice but to fight.the first 20 episodes are all fillers introducing the characters and their personalities but after that you'll really get to see some action! XD

Art:i have to say that i reli like this kind of art ..its good , not too simple and the characters are good looking :D(especially a guy name hibari,hes one of the main characters)

Sound: the sound is good as well i guess,im not so sure what sound im supposed to tell u about but about the voices and the way they talk is reasonable except for the way this girl(kyoko) laughs.Her laugh is so freaking fake it disgusts me lol(sry to all kyoko fans)no offense :D

Character: i reli love the personalities of the characters...they're all so funny and lovable and i have to say personally that Hibari Kyouya is my favourite..hes reli cool~! and his favourite phrase is "kami korosu"(ill bite u to death) haaha

Enjoyment : i reli enjoy this anime and drive my sister nuts talking bout it everyday

well..this is all i can tell u i guess..enjoy! hope i helped u atleast a little