Aug 3, 2013
ajrds (All reviews)
Short/Mini Review

*Note: I have not read the manga.

Story [7]:
There were some holes in the plot here and there, but I thought the story was a little above fair at most. It was a cute plot, definitely meant to just make us smile.

Art [7]:
The art quality was good, nothing disturbing to see. I especially loved the appearance of the two main characters -- so kawaii!

Sound [5]:
There was hardly any background music, but it's a hardly noticeable flaw.

Characters [7]:
Since it's just a one-episode OVA, we can't really expect any character development. Both characters had cute personalities, but Uehara (the main guy)'s attitude kind of seemed inconsistent.

Enjoyment [7]:
I loved the cute-sy feeling of the overall episode. I smiled a lot throughout watching it.

Overall [7]:
If you're just looking for a short anime that will lift up your spirits, then you should give Good Morning Call a try.