Dec 29, 2008
Emmychu (All reviews)
I'm a big fan of manga by this artist, so my vision is clouded over by scenes of the other series' by them. Hehe, I'll try my best!

I think that the stories were really nice, and I liked that each had a different level for each of the girls. What I mean is, one is in love with her friend and worries about being accepted, and one is confused about being kissed by her sempai. All the characters are in different situations, which I think is surprising for a lot of oneshots. To me it always seems like it's just the same characters going through the same things just with different faces taped over top.

The art was really pretty, the reason that I'm a fan of the author. The characters were alright, but because it's a series of oneshots, you hardly get to know them and therefore don't grow very attached at all.

Not anything too great, but still worth reading as it won't take too much time and it's very pretty to look at. Not seap at all, just a superficial pretty one-shot.