Jul 26, 2013
Nuclearducky (All reviews)
This will be my review on Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 (OreImo2), one of the more popular animes depicting sibling relationships in detail.

OreImo2 takes place right after the events of the specials of season 1. In a fitting opening episode, the still-awkward relationship between Kirino and Kyousuke can be readily seen, demonstrating that the two of them still have a ways of bonding to go, until the girl's otaku habits bring the two of them together.

There's a distinct change between this second season and the preceeding season. While the first season focused on Kirino's 'initiation' into otaku culture, and her brother earnestly helping her with that transition... the second season delves into the relationship between the two of them, and their friends around them; particularly Kuroneko and Ayase.

At first glance, OreImo2 may seem like it degraded to a harem rom-comedy, and that argument wouldn't be entirely false. However, seeing the relationships between Kyousuke and Kirino develop over the season's events, and how they deal with the reality that they someday might find a significant other was something that I particularly enjoyed. Of course, some scenes felt a little over the top at times, but the intentions and feelings were there. Kuroneko's arc was also a treat; her feelings for Kyousuke felt very real and sincere, and through her actions it's evident that she still cares for her best friend Kirino, regardless of her affections for her brother. Seeing these conflicting emotions is one of the selling points of this season.

My only complaint would be Ayase's arc... while she's still an enjoyable character to watch, and though she might report me for saying this, her sudden attraction towards Kyousuke was a little unexplained and came off a little too... harem-esque... if you catch my drift.

Other than those main caveats, the season is filled with episodes that were just nice to watch, such as Saori's past, and Kirino/Kyousuke's childhood. Regardless of their content, the main themes and feelings of OreImo are still there. The characters are still a blast to watch and the gags they make are funny. Never once did I feel that there was 'something wrong' with the second season.

Those tired with the harem rom-com angle with animes may find this season lacking and disappointing, but for those who enjoyed the first season and don't mind the change of pace, will still find the new OreImo just as enjoyable as the old.