Jul 26, 2013
albinochocolate (All reviews)
Alright, go ahead and read the title.
It's not exactly the most alluring name, but it definitely was an attention-catching one, even if it's not for traditionally pleasing reasons. I went into this Korean clay animation short not knowing what to expect. It seemed it was either going to be unintentional hilarity or a heartwarming tale (as others have stated). Ultimately, I found it to be strange and underwhelming mixture of the two. It is however, not exactly a piece of canine excrement, at least in terms of quality, despite the assuring name.

Doggy Poo is the main character, and it is also a clump of poop that came from a dog's anus. He then becomes a sentient being that struggles and finds it difficult to live as dog waste. The short basically explores his misfortune, but it is obviously not shown in an extremely depressing or all too interesting fashion. The short is heavy-handed as well, but then again it is targeted at children. Which is not a complete excuse to forgive incompetence in several areas, but it does grant some leniency. It most likely will appease small children, although to be fair, that's not a particularly hard job to accomplish.

Traditional animation is nowhere to be found, but instead the more typically family-friendly clay animation (lovely Christmas shorts come to mind). It is not outstandingly intricate or crafted, but it is competent and the backgrounds aren't exactly half-baked. They, along with the characters, have some detail to them which makes the short easier to watch. The absurdity of the premise still lingers throughout, but it definitely is easier to take in with the palpable animation.

Overall, the short is definitely not horrible, and does possess some positive components: the pleasant piano-centered soundtrack, the decent visuals, some unintentional laughs here and there, and even emotional resonance with little Doggy Poo, albeit only a little. It's obvious the short wasn't really aimed at any age groups other than the wee little ones, so for what it's worth, it's tolerable and not a very bad way to pass a half-hour.

Four Slightly Cute Anthropomorphic Defecations out of Ten.