Jul 24, 2013
Fan-of-Fanfics (All reviews)
Transformers Armada stands out among the many incarnations of the robots in disguise. A winning cast of voices added to largely developed, and still developing characters, and decent sub-plot, led to an unforgettable series.

The Transformers are back once again, making earth their battleground for control of the mysterious Minicons. While this slowly caused the original plot of the show to turn mostly episodic, with the occasional Aesop, that really wasn't a bad format for the show. Sure, sometimes it could be boring or predictable, and for a show involving giant robots from outer space that's a bit of a stretch, but Armada took the concept and ran with it. Despite the largely episodic initial plot, many subplots began to tie in, such as how the Minicons came into existence, their purpose, etc, culminating in a rather large climactic finish to the series (sequel not withstanding).

Of course, with such Iconic characters, you need the proper voices. Forgoing using Peter Cullen, Armada instead brought in Garry Chalk to voice Optimus Prime, giving him a somewhat younger sound, whereas Megatron was voiced by David Kaye, who previously voiced the Decepticon leader in Beast Wars, as well as voicing Sesshomaru in Inuyasha. However, the character/voice combo that really gave me chills was Michael Dobson as the voice behind Starscream. It was almost like hearing the original Starscream combined with the original Megatron. Not quite a deep, monstrous voice, but not the high-pitched annoying voice either, and it was strangely menacing.

All in all, the plot, though episodic, was fantastic, the characters received quite a bit of character development, and the acting was very well done across the board. I give the series an overall 8/10.