Jul 22, 2013
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Oh for gods sake, not another stupid hentai. It only had a girl getting turned on all the time. She would grind herself against any type of poll or bar that was around her and we never saw another human. We also get the feeling that you’re a perverted stacker the whole time you’re watching because it’s all from a first person view. It got very old, very fast. At least, that was the first episode. The episodes were bland basically consisting of two storylines that had nothing to do with each other and the lesbian relationships that seem to start up with each other. That has just summed up the whole 7 episode OVA. Just bland girls fucking each other.

From the first episode’s artwork, it shows exactly why guys would be watching this. Lots and lots of leg, ass, pussy, and breasts shots. There are also a lot of single shot animations where the artwork is still images with very little animation. Seriously, they draw a full body of a woman taking a shower and for about 2 minutes we have just that one drawing being viewed up and down. This was mostly in the first episode with the others looking different.

There are many times I had to ask who the hell is talking because even when the woman is alone, there is some strange guy’s voice coming in and talking as well. Then there were the times in which I didn’t care because they were never saying anything important anyway.