Jul 22, 2013
Danno (All reviews)
In the year 2013, we have cutesy schoolgirls with high pitched voices, large eyes, and hair that comes in every colour of the rainbow. The 1980s had a different standard for "generic anime", though. That is, emotionless characters that do cheesy things, outdone only by the cheesiness of the overall story.

'80s mecha? Check.
Translators didn't bother changing the Japanese text to English? Check.
Obligatory '80s anime sex scene? Check.
Uninspired voice actors? Check.

I swear some of the sound effects were stolen from lightsabres and lasers from Star Wars. Medical Doctor Geist is easily the worst doctor I've ever seen. All he does is kill people and crush their faces. Does he have any idea how difficult it is to put an eyeball back in its socket?

MD Geist fought a lot of guys, but I honestly don't know what he accomplished or why he was fighting them in the first place. He's a rebel without a cause. The enemy bosses had no motive or backstory; neither did Geist, for that matter. It felt like it really didn't matter who won. Oh, there was also this bossy woman who thought she had some role in the story. I really wish Geist would've finished her off.

This anime only has two good points.
1. It has typical '80s anime music.
2. It can be funny if you make fun of it with friends while watching.