Jul 21, 2013
Ravedragon (All reviews)
First of all one should explain that although the art is, at the very beginning, very similar to that of Eiichiro Oda author of One Piece it should be obvious that the similarity is actually feeble. Mashima's art also gets an outstanding especially for the fact that its evolution and improvement as he got used to the character designs is outstanding not to mention he draws clothes like a fashion designer (at leats in the story) and its a lovely dynamic seeing some change in clothing on characters that would obviously care about that.

Leaving that aside it is important to remember that this story came after Rave Master, another great manga by Mashima which was much darker and pushed the author to try out a more lighthearted story. This created fairy tail which is all about the bonds, friendship but even more so the warmth of a family created, as well as magical adventures concerning these important bonds which are narrated from the point of view of 17 year ol celestial age Lucy Heartfilia, a rookie that gradually improves throughout the story and at a realistic pace in the timespan given. Mashima also introduces numerouscharacters each with their own quirks of which are our protagonists including our main portagonists the destructive fire mage Natsu who literally sweeps Lucy off her feet to her new home, the fairy tail guild, his partner in crim Happy the talking cat?, the exhibionist Gray Fullbuster an ice mage, and the stoic beauty Erza Scarlet.

Their adventures lead them to creating more of these bonds and hopefully the mystery involving the day Natsu's 'special' father dissappearance, with only his scarf as a token before he left will Natsu be able to find him, only Lucy can tell us!