Dec 23, 2008
SkinneeJay (All reviews)
I waited. I waited. I waited. Then, remarkably, I waited some more. Things got harder when I watched the first episode and simply loved that stuff. Then, Galaxy Angel Rune (or GAR, although it doesn't fit) gets subbed. I downloaded everything immediately. I didn't wait-I want everything at once. It was no lie I was excited. The character design was attractive to death, so I was curious to see what they'll create. Just how A Clockwork Orange is a damn cool name for a novel and I really want to read it. Then, I sat and watched it. It took me some time. Stupid school stuff and reading novels (Not A Clockwork Orange, actually), and I finally did. How is it?

It's great. I'm not going to compare it to the first season of Galaxy Angel. I hang my head in shame that I only watched the first season of Galaxy Angel, and gave it a 10. Now, while in the first season of Galaxy Angel there was this "Lost Technology" thing. Here, there are barely any mentioning of it. There's no real plot line. There is, however, a drive for every episode. Things do happen, and the creators worked on a last episode to make it different than the rest. Most of the stories were absurd and weird. The ideas were really, really strange. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with that. Still, I can't sense repetition. So it goes.

On to the characters. I'll admit the character design did got me interested. If you know me, you know I really like Apricot (Nicknamed Rico). I mean, she's just too damn cute. It kills me. Now, when I finally watched the series, I was not disappointed. I'm not gonna talk about which Troupe is better. I'm just gonna say they did a great job. All the characters felt unique. Even those who took a more generic route-Rico, actually, were great. Rico takes a somewhat generic pattern, but they executed so well. There's also her fear of men... Getting super-strong when men touch her and punch their lights out. Sounds like like a tired running joke? No. It wasn't exploited. Other characters include the eccentric Nano-Nano, which is just plain weird. Lily which is an extreme moralist with a sword. Anise, the exact opposite of Lily which results a friction between them THAT WASN'T EXPLOITED. There's also my 2nd favorite, Kahluah and her other personality, Tequila.Kahluah is a witch and a goodie polite girl while Tequila will give you fanservice. Oh, and they didn't exploit that too.

The animation was pretty good. It was better than the first season of the original one. Not a big improvement. Pretty surprising, when you think about it. Still, I just love the character design. I can't help it. Whoever designed them is a master in this game. The characters are both very different from each other, yet all look good. The only similarity is between Kahluah and Tequila, obviously. But even there there's an obvious difference. One-episode characters and side characters weren't spared, too. Of course, the designs wasn't as good as the main one, but you feel like they at least tried to make them memorable. Also, the Emblem Frames get a good amount of screen time. The result is some really nice 3D crap. Even if the animation quality didn't improve that much, at least the scenes in space were good eye candy.

Sound? What's there to say? I tend to skip the OP/ED because I'm lazy and impatient. Oh wait there's voice actors. I'm really satisfied with them. They seriously fitted the characters. The best, if you ask me, was Kahluah's. It just suited her calm and tranquil way of talking. It also made her cuter. There's really not much to say about it, except that it was good. So it goes

It's worth noting that the comedy style didn't really change. It's a good thing, actually. Although Rune is a little more random, it doesn't dive completely to insanity and maintain great and weird jokes. Sure, there were some corny ones. Yet I found myself smiling most of the time, or at least enjoying myself. It's Galaxy Angel, after all.

So it goes. Rune is a great heir for the original troupe. The characters are great. Rico will be my character. The comedy is unique. It's energetic and got some really cool space scenes. Sure, there were some lowlights and a few clumsy moments. But overall, it's great stuff. I'm satisfied with it. I hope we'll see another season. So it goes.