Dec 22, 2008
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
Story: A high school life of 2 retards haha...a guy and a girl, the guy is a yankee whos rough,skips classes and stuff like that..the girl is the class president with glasses .A common scene is when the yankee is in the toilet at school doing his business and the girl(megane-chan) will peek from the top of the stall and blurt out something that she wants or needs. Megane(the girl with glasses) turns out to be something i did not expect at all..expect the unexpected haha ..its a high school life of yankees and gangsters and more :D

Art: the art is pretty good i have to say..quite detailed..good looking characters and the expressions they make are hilarious

Character : the characters are pretty much lovable ..they just make u laugh especially "yankee-kun" he makes funny expressions ..hilarious :D and "megane_chan" can just be really retarded at times haha