Jul 15, 2013
Kirii-chan (All reviews)
After marathoning the whole TV series I could not resist watching its sequel, this OVA, Oukoubakku no Poriomania (or in English, Egoistic Poriomania) right away - and I was not disappointed at all. It is just as beautiful as its prequel, and I am talking about the final scene. It was not serious, but it would be redundant anyway. Feiris has to go to America and invites her friends - the laboratory members. They visit Kurisu, but she lost her memories about the other world lines, but her life in the other world lines always appears in her dreams. The kiss scene in episode 22 also once appeared in her dreams. In the end of this special episode, Kurisu and Okabe are finally together again. I was so happy when I saw that scene.

Actually Steins;Gate has not changed here. Okabe is still the mad scientist who gives others odd nicknames, Daru is still perverted, Makise is still a Tsundere, and Mayuri has not changed as well. It is refreshing to see an episode after the whole drama in Steins;Gate where everyone is just happy and it is all about comedy. In this special episode, we also got to know something about Suzuha's mother and Daru's wife, which is pretty good I think.

The art and animation has not changed really much, actually it has not changed at all. Of course the animation was not as good as in Steins;Gate, because in certain scenes really good animation is used, which was not the case here. The Seiyuu cast did an amazing job as usual and the background music is awesome as well. The scenes where Okabe is arrested were pretty hilarious, but they did not make really much sense, but I did not mind that too much.

Everyone who loves the TV series is practically obliged to watch this OVA. This OVA is just as funny as the TV series and it actually shows the real ending which was beautiful. It is Steins;Gate with Comedy and Romance in foreground and Drama and Sci-Fi in background. It is definitely a refreshing experience.