Jul 14, 2013
spacemonkey93 (All reviews)
This new or "bonus" episode is an addition to the series -as far as I know- only included in the DVDs, as 'Round 76: The fists of the boxer'.

Through-out the series, we get to see the background of almost every secondary boxer character, such as Kimura, Aoki, Miyata, Sendo, Volg and Date, but we don't really get to see how it was that Takamura enrolled into boxing. Well, that's what we get in this Special Episode, Kamogawa instructor notices his potential and decides to give him the Kamogawa treatment in his gym and the road, which despite Takamura’s doubts, get him his first results (All in a very funny way).

The animation looks more modern and brighter, just as in New Challenger. So what are you waiting? Just watch it :)