Dec 20, 2008
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Fuyumi Souryo's Tamara is a pleasantly surprising light comedy with the occasional decapitation thrown in for good measure.

Coming from such an exceptional author as Souryo, one might have expected a dramatic journey of self-discovery and liberation as a dreamer works to make her desires a reality by overcoming life's turbulent waters.

No, its just about budding fashion designer Tome making cute frustrated faces at having diva model Tamara dumped on her, ruining her apartment, putting her in headlocks, and scaring the life out of her with nonchalant threats.

This isn’t a disappointment at all, no matter what your expectations are, you should hopefully still be smiling at the hijinks taking place in this manga, which manages to shoe-horn in some mystery suspense to the proceedings, coming across like a ghost detective case of the week crime-drama.

Alas this is only three chapters long, so we just get a murder at a modelling show and the obligatory haunted castle in Europe, but the plotlines are wrapped up so quickly with confessions at the climaxes that its hilarious. This is Souryo having fun, taking a break from her more usual thoughtful efforts that pull the heart-strings.

Tamara tickles your funny bone with gentle humour that thankfully avoids descending into cheap potty depths, while complimented with her trademark gorgeous artwork, especially character designs. Not her best for sure, but still undeniably hers. In short: they look great, and so is anything this lady writes and draws no matter how short in length and light in substance.