Dec 20, 2008
Huntsman (All reviews)
When this series first came out I didn't pay any attention to it. About two months ago my older brother bought the box set and he loved it and a week ago he let me borrow it. The anime is loosely based off the comic which I read and really liked. Still I wasn't expecting to much from the series but I was wrong.

The story was very good. Focusing on the mother( Masane) and daughter(Rihoko) relationship. The Witchblade plays a secondary role in the anime which I thought was good. The two problems with the story was the back story of the blade which they never even hinted at. The biggest problem though was the ending. It was plain terrible, you can tell it was rushed. I know there are many reasons a anime series ends to soon. From being unpopular to running out of money, but they could have at least tried to make a coherent ending. They should have extended it to 26 episodes that would have been more than enough time to give a ending to the series.

Perhaps the best part of the series were the characters. Masane and Rihoko were great as mother and daughter. They brought the emotion to the series and you end up really caring for them. The other characters from Reiji, Hiroki, Shiori and the rest all add something to the series.

The animation done by GONZO was brilliant, but what do expect from one of the best anime studios. The music was also outstanding.

Overall a great anime worth watching, but prepare to be a little let down with the ending.