Dec 20, 2008
carriehulk (All reviews)
Ou, I was a teenager when I started to watch and be a fan of this anime. We were a group of fans which imagined that we are SailorMoon or SailorMars and so. We watched these episodes and cried with characters etc. That was real fun.
Now I think this is one of the precious animes I have ever seen because it is funny un childish in its sort kind of way, it is romantic and a little bit nude but isn't too pervert to show to children, it shows different kind of situations that could happen in real life too (mostly metaphorical of course) and it shows that bravery and good friends are most valuable think in world.
It is good anime because of these situations which teaches us to be brave and never give up. At least from this anime I learned that and now I never give up and continuing to be brave when it is needed.