Jul 6, 2013
EION (All reviews)
2nd review
and still not used to this stuff. I thought since no one reviewed, I would take a shot at it.

I might over rate and ramble while writing this review. Just warning...

Story (8/10)
Interesting way to start a BL love story. Some parts of the relationship goes too fast. Other parts could get a bit cliché...

Art (10/10)
I absolutely LOVE Junko's work. It makes you want to go AWWW with every page. Expressions are REALLY adorable.

Character (7/10)
The seme and uke personalities is not so different from other yaoi manga.
(I realized the seme is younger than the uke)

Enjoyment (8/10)
It's yaoi, has GREAT art, and an interesting story. Why would I hate it?

Overall (8/10)
It was very cute... what else to say?

[Hopefully I wrote a better review this time]