Jul 5, 2013
Charliegone (All reviews)
When I first saw this I really didn't think much of the artwork and I bet that probably turned a lot of people off, TRUST ME, don't walk away from it. It will grow on you, like it did for me. In the end the art work really complements the story telling and mood of the anime. It kind of provides a sort of surrealism to the whole think. It seems real, but really isn't, kind of feel.

Kasuga, the main character, lives in a pretty boring town. He wakes up goes to school, reads books, etc and dreams about his "muse" Saeki. That's all he does, but Nakamura, the deviant, has other plans for him. Kasuga like I said is a pretty boring guy, until he does something that draws the attention of Nakamura. Nakamura is pretty much a deviant. She hates the town she lives in, hates her life and is bored out of it. So she needs some amusement and "freedom", so she tries to turn Kasuga into something that he isn't so sure about. Saeki plays the love interest of Kasuga. She's smart, pretty and very well liked by everyone. By the end of the anime, that boring feeling in the beginning turns into something else; it pretty much turns into despair and darkness.

The way this anime is directed is incredible. They provide us with such a dark mood at times, you even get depressed watching the characters do their things. It definitely is not an anime for kids. A lot of adult and dark themes are explored. From sex, perversion, etc. The characters while not many are enough to garner your attention. Before you know it the episode is over and it didn't even seem like the 20+ minutes passed by. Heck even the ending music is creepy, but delivers a message of what the anime is pretty much about. "The Flowers of Evil." Definitely recommend it. Ignore your first intuition to dump it because of the artwork. You won't be disappointed. Trust me! 9/10.