Jul 5, 2013
Charliegone (All reviews)
Wasn't sure what to expect with this anime when I started watching it, but glad I finished it. It was certainly one of the better animes of last season and I looked forward to watching it every week.

Are you a loner? If you are you can probably relate to the main character Hachiman as people like to call him. He's pretty much given up on people, thinks they are just leeches for attention and view their relationships as superficial and pointless. That's usually how he approaches everything and people hate him for it, but deep down inside he's a pretty nice his own way. In comes Yukino and Yui who turns his and their worlds around.

I rather not spoil it but to put it simply the characters are great. They resemble a lot of the childhood and young adult relationships many of us may have experienced or are experiencing. How many of us can say (those that are older) we keep in touch with high school "friends" or people? Probably not many. Did you ever wonder why? This anime sort of gives you an idea. This anime pretty much explores those relationships through the Volunteer Service club. They (Hachiman Yukino and Yui) come across all sorts of issues, from a bullied child to a superficial relationships between so called friends. They pretty much help solve peoples problems. Sometimes they require unorthodox methods which Hachiman of course takes care of. His rather negative attitude does provide us with some laughs, but as well just plain tells the truth of relationships that people have in their young lives. The anime pretty much explores this all throughout the entire season and I must say it never really disappointed. Of course much more information is given about the main characters to make them more relate-able and likable.

In the end this anime doesn't disappoint. It has drama and provides some laughs while giving us great thoughtful messages. There aren't any robots, etc whatever, but if you're looking for something more than just action, this will certainly do. I definitely recommend you watch this one. 8/10.