Jul 4, 2013
taigataiga (All reviews)
Yay, I wrote the first review for this manga!

I might be biased here, so please don't mind me. I just have to review every single one of Yamamoto Kotetsuko's works.

This manga is utterly cute. Yes, I am so biased because apparently Kotetsuko's art really got into me. And the story, how the characters are depicted, they are so my type. So please don't mind my biased review!! I'm trying to be as straight as possible here.

Story - I have read other works by Kotetsuko, it's Honto Yajuu. Basically, Kotetsuko writes a really cute and heartwarming stories where the main couple fell in love in a cute way, became lovers, and have sex along the way. That's what happened in Honto Yajuu. But here in Omairi desu yo, things are a little bit different, because they are struggling to have sex! Well things happen, and you just gotta chill out.

I've never thought of Kotetsuko being able to write a tragedy (bcs her works are ultimately cute), but yes, there was a tragedy here in Omairi desu yo. It's the 6.1'th chapter. You have to read it to find out. It's good to have twists every now and then, you know.

Art - The art is drop dead cute. Yuuji is freakin' cute. Everybody is gorgeous. 'Nuff said.

(well I've stated before that I'm so biased...)

Character - I love Yuuji, he's a klutz but he's really cute. Saburo might seem cold and apathetic, but whenever he's with Yuuji, he's also cute. Yocchan from the nearby cleaning business is also cute with all his do.M-ness. Kenji is also awesome with his do.S-ness. (yes, there is going to be SM couple here)

Enjoyment - F*ck it, I love this manga. Or I mean, I love every single manga by Yamamoto Kotetsuko.

Finally, I recommend this to you guys wanting to read some yaoi with overflowing cuteness. But I warn you though, don't go committing suicide if you can't stand waiting for the newest chapters.