Jul 1, 2013
Were_Vampire (All reviews)
Bokura no war game is an interesting Digimon movie, but one that doesn't really exploit all the potential on the storytelling, while portraying some strong character moments. This movie is actually an important link between Digimon Adventure and Digimon 02, and yet not every Digimon fan has seen it; it's not all that relevant to be fair, but Digimon 02 goes assuming you've seen the movie, now the question is: is it worth our time? As I just said, worst case scenario you end up watching a very interesting 40 minutes movie, but as I finished watching the movie I have to say that, while satisfied I also was left wishing for more and better development.

This takes place after Digimon Adventure ended and it deals with a digimon who is on the network, eating data and growing powerful.
Through the movie there is a lot of tension and good moments of suspense as the plot moves forward, but I have to say that the writers were really lazy at times; leaving out so many characters like Sora, Mimi, Jyou and Hikari off the main plot is a bad gesture, especially considering how the anime was so well recognized for being able to handle 8 characters at once. Granted, they all get believable excuses for their absence, yet you can feel how the writers just wanted to minimize the amount of characters as much as possible. Aside from that, the plot develops and it's fairly enjoyable, still the ending is quite anti-climactic and may leave you frowning; ok, it's not that bad, but it ended quite abruptly and as such a story with so much potential kind of feel like it works, but it works at half of its power.

As I said in the story section, the writers minimized the amount of characters to just 4: Taichi, Koshiro, Yamato and Takeru, and of those 4 Taichi takes the spotlight, with Yamato and Koushiro having some moments too. For a 40 minutes movie, it has many good moments; these are characters that are quite beloved and really likeable, and among them Taichi gets some extremely good moments in the film, and not just him; whenever we see each character frustrated it feels real, whenever we see them nervous, anxious or anything at all it works because it carries on well with their previous development in the anime series, and as such the character work is great, almost reaching to outstanding.

Sound: There are great tracks in the movie, the very same ones used in the anime plus some new ones. In general, they are all as well scored as in the anime and the timing is also impressive, though there is a moment when Brave Heart runs in a loop and become annoying, but it's just some mere 15 seconds or so.

As a whole, I'd say the movie is worth watching, it's very good and quite entertaining, still I'm not sure if I would call it a must see: Digimon fans will likely enjoy the movie, but there's no doubt that most of us can feel that, while being quite good, it never really tried to be as good as it could be.