Jun 30, 2013
Hyperbolic33 (All reviews)
Story (7) - The story is about models and their feelings basically, or more specifically Yui and her feelings about being a model. It's nothing that hasn't been done before and it seems predictable, but it still provokes emotions. I really feel for Yui, she is the shining star of the manga.

Art (7) - Typical shoujo art nothing to write home about. The clothes are insanely cute though.

Characters (7) - I love Yui, ok, she is a really real and really good main character she isn't all "I'll try my hardest even though i'm a fucking idiot teehee". She works hard, and breaks down because she goes through some tough stuff. Urgh she is so lovely and real. Unfortunately, all the other characters either don't receive any background or they suck (see Aki who is the teehee type).

Enjoyment (8) - I like this, and I want to see where Yui is headed even though I am kind of conflicted about it (because I don't like Aki).

Overall (7) - It's an alright manga so far, slightly better than your run of the mill shoujo specifically because Yui is an actual person and not an archetype (or not yet at least).