Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Special: ( Or you can say vongola style school trip ) It's a side story of the anime with the comedic element to it

Story: Reborn plan this trip to go all over japan but of course this isn't gonna be an ordinary trip not with everyone involve it ( i am not gonna spoil it ) but it's gonna be pretty funny

Art: The art is pretty good it's no different from the anime maybe slightly better for the most part it's good

Character: There nothing to talk about it's the same characters in the anime (unless you didn't watch the anime so go fucking watch it )

Overall: It's a good side story and it's gonna make you laugh so hard on tsuna and special when they go to the Bath house oh man and when take the pictures so you should watch it if you want something light hearted that make you laugh so for me i enjoy it a lot so for me >it gets a 8 Of 10