Dec 10, 2008
Nekko-mimi (All reviews)
So I finally managed to read this to the end, and I have to say ... WOW
From the start one of the biggest achievments of this manga is the characters. Without them, Dragon Head would loose many points.
They are REALISTIC! And that is saying a lot. You can actually feel from them. Their fear, their hope, their surprise, their disappointment, their saddeness. It's all there for you to experience as the story unveils.
And the story ... It's amazing!
After a while you start thinking, there's has to be somthing supernatural about this, but at the same time you have that immenent feeling of natural catastrophe. In the end, you still aren't very sure, but most questions are answered, in a way that leave you satisfied.
All in all, Dragon Head is one of those rare mangas that make your heart jump with every turn. It's truly a masterpiece.
I have to say the ending left me a bit empty inside, maybe hoping for a sequel, but truth is a sequel would probably only ruin it.
It ties up the loose knots, even though (like me) you might've wished for a different ending.
I believe that few people can deny this is an amazing manga.