Jun 25, 2013
Natr1x (All reviews)
Since there was no review for this I thought I would write a short one just to help people a bit. I have only read five chapters and it might get better, so take my score with a bit of salt.

The story is a pretty run of the mill body swapping story but with the twist that the swaps are very short. The story does not hinge on lots of extremely embarrassing moments which I thought was nice because I usually cannot read stories that get to embarrassing xD Other than that it's all very cliche. You have seen these characters before if you have read pretty much any high school manga. You will also have heard all the jokes before to. The few of them there are anyway. For something tagged as a comedy there is actually not all that much of it. It focuses a lot more on the slice of life aspect which probably is a good thing because as I said. The jokes aren't all that good. The art is a bit above average but nothing special. All in all I would say that this is about as standard and predictable as it gets. The only time it surprises you is when the characters start acting out of character so it's never really in any good way and none of them are very memorable. But if you like the bodyswap setup, the high school setting, the relaxed slice of life story and you just want something to kill time with then sure. Give it a go. The worst that will happen is that you get bored and stop reading it.

Oh and a warning. The translation I read was very bad and made it hard to follow what was going on at times. So you might want to skip this if you can't read it raw. At least at the time of me writing this it may be hard to find a good translation.