Jun 23, 2013
rosiechick (All reviews)
Please, don't give up on NAGAREBOSHI LENS!!


The rating of Nagareboshi Lens may look like a "D+" or almost to "C-", but overall, I watched it and I liked it. It's not as bad as you think it is!! I think everyone should give it a try if you like the shoujo/romance genres, and if you also like those fluffy, heartwarming feelings when you watch an anime. I highly suggest reading the manga(currently ongoing) right after watching this 18 min. OVA. You will not believe how much stuff that was not included in that eighteen minutes you just watched.

I want to start off with the story: 8

The story is nothing special or extra ordinary than other shoujo romance stories. Both two people(the two obvious ones) live in different worlds because one of them is just plain and the other is the top rank in school. They met eachother, realizing it was love at first sight and then randomly jumped to them saying that they were going for two weeks. In the anime, the story did NOT include: how they actually got together, when they started going out, who asked who and all the other cute stuff ect. ect. That's what bothered me the most. The scene starts off with them meeting eachother then randomly just jumps to them actually going out without any explanations. The next few minutes left of the eighteen minutes is just them doing their own thing. I really do recommend reading the manga. Not only reading the manga fills you in the "plot-holes", there are EXTREMELY cute moments that the anime 100% missed.

Art: 10

Some people hate these kinds of drawings but I love "Chibi"!!(: Im inlove with Risa's hair, eyes, especially her natural blushing cheeks. Yuugure-kuns eyes amaze me. It's just a wow. The art is somehow similar to kimi ni todoke but Nagareboshi Lens's is drawn in the young, middle school stage and KNT is drawn in an older, highschool stage. Their smiles are similar as well. I think the art really sands out in this anime.

Sound: 10

Sound isn't bad or good. It's just okay. The character's voice aren't annoying or oblivious, I think that it really suits them and their personality.(:

Character: 10

The characters is what pulled me in this anime. I love those "popular guy liking simple girl" romance/shoujo animes. Lets start off with Risa. Risa is a simple as she can be, curly hair, no experience with love what so ever but she does dream of seeing someone "sparkle". She is best friends with Yuuko, she would always back her up, help voluntarily with school work, and gives advices. Risa is also often shy to tell Yuuko some embarassing things such as(who she likes). Yuugure-kun on the other hand is the total opposite. Yuugure is the most hottest and the most popular guy in school. He is in Class 2 which is on the opposite building as Risa is in. He is known the "Top Rank". Most of the girls have a crush on him. Yuugure has never had a girl friend or first love until recently. Both main characters are both lovable and just really cute. You'll love the characters from the begging to the end. Risa is one of the cutest girl I've ever seen and Yuugure is one of the hottest guy I've ever seen. I've got nothing against these characters!!

Enjoyment: 8

I didn't really enjoy the anime as much as I did with the Manga. Eighteen minutes was just rushed and was time consuming. I still wouldn't have thought of making an 18 min. OVA if there were so many plot holes. It was just not right, it's like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. The anime only had the border of the jigsaw puzzle and picture(all the main events) were missing. I still enjoyed it because it gave me the same "fluffy" feeling that kimi ni todoke gave me. It would have been better if this was turned into a series. it would have been MUCH MUCH better. Watch the anime for the fun of it and read the manga if you're still hooked(which i know you will.)

Overall: 8

I did not hate this anime nor love it. Based on the rating, I really thought I'd hate and I prepared myself for the worst but it wasn't. It was quick and it was okay! I guarantee you watch it!! And don't forget to read the manga! Start from the very beginning because there were more things that happened!!(;

Well here is my review!! I hope I helped!