Jun 23, 2013
Igeneous (All reviews)
Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties is the 4th installment of the hayate no gotoku! anime series.

Story: 8
While many new characters appear in this series compared to the others, it is because this anime follows the current manga chapters (from about 300 i think). Also, the last two episodes are a special ova by Hata Kenjiro himself that gives another alternate ending to the previous season's Can't Take My Eyes Off You!

Art: 6
Maybe the only negative I would have is the animation. I felt like season 2 JC staff's animations were the best overall in the series, and they should have kept it like that instead of switching to manglobe.

The sound overall is suitable to my tastes. The episodes themselves are unique in a way, with a special ED for every character that relates to their personalities.

Character: 8
The new characters (Kayura, Ruka, Fumi, Sharna, etc) are all expected to appear if you kept up with the series. Each of the main character(s) get their own special episode for themselves, so even if you have that one or more character(s) that you're absolutely addicted to you can just watch their episodes.Each episode can stand alone by themselves, maybe excluding the first one that introduces all the main cast.

Enjoyment: 8
Its very funny and enjoyable to watch, with plenty of humor and romance (on the girl side, but hayate is still ignorant of this)

Overall: 8
Overall, I would give an 8 rating for sticking to the original plot and the plethora of adventure and fun that each episode comes packing to the viewers.