Oct 12, 2007
Phill-z (All reviews)
Ever have a jigsaw puzzle that just doesn't fit together the right way? There are pieces missing and even the pieces you have don't seem to go together very well. This is what He Is My Master is like.

Story: The storyline is very...basic. Essentially almost every episode is introduced as: OK! Let's have a contest today where Yoshitaka get's beaten up by Izumi in about thirty different ways after he tries to look up her skirt. By the fourth episode it was getting a little boring. I have no problem with slapstick humor, but this starts to become like Love Hina, it gets really tiring to watch a guy get punched in the face and watch him ricochet off the wall a million times.

Art: The art is, ok. I never was never amazed by the art, I never saw a scene and was floored by it. The art doesn't detract from the anime except in a few certain scenes where the sequences are very awkward, but that was it. The characters are very nicely drawn, I liked all of them, but Anna was a little too plain and i still have to occasionally check to remember what she looks like.

Sound: I didn't pay too much attention to the music in any anime, for me it's a subtle thing where I notice if it's amazing or if it's horrible. The music is.....typical.

Character: Yoshitaka......I love him. As a main character he is absolutely perfect. When I first heard this title I was like "hehe....I can be THEIR master" and a whole bunch of other double entendres my friends thought were hilarious. I was expecting the main guy to be very polite, kind, sort of...forced to live with these beautiful maids. Man....i've never been so happily shocked in my life. The guy is a complete pervert, I love how they've given his character absolutely no redeeming points other than that he never gives up. I didn't pay attention too much to the other characters....they seemed a little too typical. Izumi hates/loves him.....Mutsuki is too busy manipulating everyone and is always behind the scenes and Anna...well...if you watch you'll see.

Enjoyment: I did actually enjoy this anime, even though I don't personally think that it's that great. Most of the time I was enjoying myself because I wasn't thinking about what was actually going on. So just turn off your brain and enjoy yourself. Cause if you think about this anime there will be times when you're going to be asking yourself "...................what?" I know I did.

Overall: Well....there is one thing this anime does very well...and I want to end on it. Boobs. This anime is a prime example of where pretty girls enhance an anime. It's also a great example of how pretty girls cannot be the sole redeeming feature of an anime. But seriously....the girls in here....are really pretty. Izumi is supposed to be 14 or 15....and if I ever find a 14 year old who looks like that...I'm going to make her my maid as well. Guys are going to like this anime alot more than girls....unless you girls are into boobs. If you're looking for story....go somewhere else. Anyone wanting some mindless ecchi entertainment, come here.