Jun 20, 2013
Koibito-H (All reviews)
Story - 4/10

Wizard Girl Ambitious is a one episode hentai about Asuka and Kei, who are a wizard and swordsman duo. Asuka deemed Kei strong enough and decided to have him protect her (I have no idea what there is to protect her from). Aside from one training scene and a couple flashbacks at the beginning, the rest is just sex.

Art - 7/10

I really like Asuka's design (that's pretty much the only I like about her, though), and the sex scenes are animated well. However, the one training scene they have is your standard "simple slashing" kind of thing where no technique is actually used. Kei is also your usual "faceless 90% of the time" male protagonist.

Sound - 2/10

The worst part of this show is the sound. I was really tempted to mute it a few times as Asuka's voice during their sex was annoying and a real turn off. The normal voice acting isn't any better, especially for Rafaero. Kei barely talks at all too. There's hardly any background music and the only stuff there is generic light sounds that do nothing for the scenes.

Character - 3/10

First of all, why is Rafaero even in this hentai? She serves no purpose and her sex scene with Kei is stopped just as it starts. Kei is also a horrible protagonist. He's the kind of hentai lead who turns into someone else when he gets turned on, stops everything else, and has sex until he's satisfied. Normally, he's a wimpy swordsman who isn't even a good at being a swordsman. Asuka's only redeeming quality is her design and is the one reason I didn't rate "Character" as a 1/10. Still, her voice is annoying and she's always talking during sex. It'd be better if she was saying things other than just telling Kei to stop (one time he's licking her, it even looks like she's pushing his head in while telling him to stop?). The final sex scene is pretty good, as Asuka finally decides to get into it, but it doesn't make up for the other two.

Enjoyment - 4/10

Wizard Girl Ambitious is a pretty generic fantasy hentai.

- Asuka's character design
- Last sex scene

- Voice actors and Asuka talks too much
- Rafaero is pointless
- Kei is bipolar
- Very little music
- That training scene shows how hilariously bad at using a sword Kei is

I don't recommend this hentai, but if you're really into the generic fantasy genre of hentai, than maybe you'll like it. It has magic about four times in total if you really like that.