Jun 19, 2013
EION (All reviews)
This is my first review and longest review I've written so bear with me a little...

If anyone is wondering, this is YAOI so if you don't like it, I suggest going away (but it doesn't hurt to read a review)

and finally, I tend to overate or underrate things so some of you might disagree with what I say.

story (8/10)
Comparing the storyline with other manga I've read, at some points it gets cliché where person A isn't so sure about person B's feeling for him. Thus going through a very frustrating loop of 'why would he love me when he's so popular with girls?' and 'He's using me as a substitute'. Nonetheless very nice story.

Art (9/10)
The art is wonderful. Full of emotions and the eyes are pretty ((I like to study eyes so I can draw better))

Character (8/10)
Lots of drama... ((can't think of anything else to say...))

Enjoyment (9/10)
There are so many ways in getting nosebleeds in this. The actions... *turns red* ...
Towards the ending there's more drama and less humour (kinda expecting it seeing how the story turns) and the feeling of frustrations and wanting to throw [enter wherever you are reading from] across the room.

Overall (8/10)
Nosebleeds all around. It gives the readers different emotions (for me, I kept of slapping my forehead and banging against the table)
((I put too much feeling when reading))

(This might be off from more mature readers because all of this is coming from an illegal underage reader (I read it online))