Jun 15, 2013
MomoDestro (All reviews)
I did not see any reviews for this show plus it needs some justice on it.

During the late 80's and 90's there were many OVA's that were just one to up to six episodes long. All of these OVA's were in a way one shot shows that had either the potential to be a bigger series or just because of budget issues only had money for something shorter.This by no means make them bad but in my opinion makes them unique and interesting to watch since they usually bring issues one does not see very often in shows.

Anyway, Junk Boy is one of those shows. It is a one episode show of a guy that has his mind in the gutter at all times and gets a job in an adult company. It starts out interesting and get straight to the point of the type of person the main character(mc) is. Besides that there is no overall deep plot but each moment with the mc brings good moments and kept me interested in watching more.

As expected of the art if one compares it to other late 80's to early 90's shows it is quite solid. There were few still moments since the mc loves moving around a lot. Overall, there are worse ones out there in this time period.

The ending song is very 80's for sure but quite nice to listen to. Besides that nothing worse noting besides the music within the episode fits quite nicely to the essence of the show.

This is big one. Out of all of the characters the mc had the "most" character development if you could call it that. One does not watch this show for that aspect though but more for the moments and situations he gets into which can be quite funny. As of a side note, they do portray women as "easy" which can be a big turn off to most people. That needed to be said.

Out of all of the categories this shines the most. It can be rare to find an eccentric character being the mc for any show and this is one of them. He places this show and makes it seem better than it is. In addition, there are some moments they take the same joke over and over but they do put a different spin to it even if it is just slightly done.

This show is not for the light hearted and is intended for a 18+ audience for much of the scenes of the show. While it isnt too deep it can place a smile to ones face. I would give it a try if you are open minded and want to experience something different.