Jun 13, 2013
Dubowner (All reviews)
"I'm not a fan of detective themed shows." Psh. What the hell do you think this is? Scooby Doo? CSI? Law and Order? Get out. Detective Conan is entirely different. And at the same time, it is the mystery/detective genre at its BEST.

Gosho Aoyama's most well known creation tells the story of 16 year old Kudo Shinichi; genius high school detective who one day witnessed illegal trade while on a date at a theme park with his childhood friend Mouri Ran. He is then struck from behind the back of the head with a metal bat by mysterious men wearing all black, and is forced to consume an experimental drug that was supposed to kill him, but is instead transformed into a 7 year old boy while maintaining his intellect. To track down these men, he conceals his true identity to protect his loved ones from any sort of danger and opts to live with his childhood friend because her father owns a detective agency and believes that information regarding the mysterious men may be reported to this agency. This marks the beginning of endless encounters and
complicated mysteries, most of which only he can solve.

I was immediately captivated when I started watching Detective Conan in 2003. I was 14 years old and by then it was already a fairly old anime that made its premier 7 years prior. I am now 24 years old. Making it's debut in 1996, it has produced over 600 episodes in roughly 20 seasons, over 16 movies, countless OVAs and is STILL going strong. Detective Conan is my favorite anime of ALL TIME. Yeah, i said it. Where do I begin with such a flat out brilliant series? Everything about the anime is simply extraordinary. But what really makes Detective Conan, as well as what makes it my all-time favorite anime all comes down to two things. The first one is the
exquisite writing.

The cases and mysteries in this anime are mind blowing. I can't emphasize this enough. The writer is a GENIUS. This show is a sigh of relief from the Scooby-Doo inspired cartoons that presented mysteries to you, that a blind donkey could solve in 20 seconds. The storylines are all well thought out, and the solutions to mysteries are NOT obvious, but can be solved by an observant viewer who thinks, just as Conan does. There will be many cases where you will be utterly stunned by the cleverness of the solution. Whether it's the murder cases, the romance elements, or the comedy factors, every episode is very well-put together. I learn something new JUST about every episode due to the fact that the writers put so much heart and effort into their work. One example being episode 616 takes place in London. Don't worry, this review is spoiler free, so keep reading. Did you know that Gosho Aoyama personally went to London himself to gather materials and data at the exact places
the scenes take place during the anime, due to the fact that the main character (Kudo shinichi) is a Sherlock Holmes freak, and he wanted to give the scenes and story of the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes justice? Pretty impressive and praise worthy if you ask me. Anyways, aside from the various ways to kill someone, it teaches you about japanese tradition/culture, medical terminology, world famous structures/figures, and much much more. I soak up Detective Conan like water to a sponge. I get so absorbed and drawn into every episode, that everything around me becomes irrelevant and it's just me and the episode. It's captivating. There is no other word for it. EVERY episode is fresh, and EVERY mystery that is solved is profound. The series has wide appeal and I would say it is one of the few shounen animes I have seen that
breaks down age barriers with ease. This is a series that plays to adults just as well, if not more so than to children. I occasionally watch this with my 56 year old father, and can say that he can enjoy watching it as well.

The story is broken into 2 kinds of arcs. I call them the "main arc" and the "everyday arc". The "everyday arcs" reside over small, one to two episode cases that occur on a normal daily basis, and sometimes have generally nothing to do with the main arc, but are usually very interesting in their own right. These are NOT filler episodes. They are simply everyday occurences that the main cast go through on a daily basis, waiting patiently for clues to make progress. Then there's the "main arc". The "main arc" is of course the main storyline and the episodes where progress between the main characters and the main plot advance forward. Getting to watch these episodes that allow the main storyline to progress is similar to the feeling of receiving all the presents you wanted on Christmas day because you waited ever so patiently to get them. Sure the same cycle/pattern occurs almost every episode. And by this cycle I mean that someone dies, and someone is caught as the culprit. But these patterns are executed with grace and near flawlessness that allow you to never get tired of watching this cycle. There is a build up of hype and anxiousness that make you want to see progress of the "main arc". There are usually long waits between episodes where the plot moves forward, but if you're patient enough, you'll be rewarded with an unbelievable storyline you will NEVER forget. Most fans, myself included, seem to have grown accustomed to this style and have come to enjoy it.

The second factor that really makes this anime is none other than the characters. What would the show be without it's godly cast of characters? Nothing.
Each character is engaging and filled with so much depth and personality, it's hard NOT to love every single one of them. In short, I TRULY believe that they are the greatest cast I've seen as a whole, in ANY anime series that I've ever watched. I love these characters. The episodes that have the occasional reccuring characters appear, are the ones that you will truly enjoy. The relationships and interactions between the main characters and these reccurring characters is character synergy at it's maximum level. I won't go into any detail about specific characters because that would spoil the whole thing for those who have yet to watch Detective Conan. And if by chance you were to start watching from episode 1, and the character art is too old for you, I'd have to remind you that this anime was started in 1996 and the
character art has since been modernized and revamped. Give it time and I PROMISE it WILL grow on you. Anyways, putting all these factors into words to describe these god-like character creations will never be enough to capture how BEAST they truly are. You'd have to watch it to understand.

The catchphrase for this anime is “There is always only one truth!”... And the truth is, this anime Kicks Ass.