Jun 12, 2013
BeautifulSmile (All reviews)
Shana? Yes, I was waiting the third season very long!

The third season of Shana - the long-awaited project from J.C.Staff, which was expected not only to fans of the most Shana, but also people who love any art of this studio.

Since I myself am a fan of Shana, I can say that the ending was totally justified. This anime made ​​me remember all the seasons of Shana and this is good news, since not every studio can do it.

In fact, in the third season added a lot of sharp turns of the plot, which is good simple viewiers. (Story - 9)

New Shana a lot of interesting creatures and transformations, that is good news. New monsters, interesting buildings and various specifically can fully appreciate the scale and scope of this anime. (Art - 8)

The music is just great! Since the release of the anime, and to this day, I listen openings and endings. (Sound - 8)

Characters not really changed since the second season, of course added new ones, but they are not particularly interesting. An exception can be called Sakai Yuji. (Character - 7)

Unfortunately when watching the third season of Shana sometimes there is a desire to switch off and do not watch it, because so much is not clear, but razbratsya in all of this is very difficult, but it's still interesting to know how it ends, and how the story will turn into reality. (Enjoyment - 7)

In conclusion I would like to add that all the seasons of Shakugan no Shana made ​​a huge impression on me, and so I want to thank J.C.Staff for taking the job. They were able to do Shakugan no Shana for what it is, and a happy ending to it - it's entirely their merit. I'm glad it ended so Shakugan no Shana!