Jun 11, 2013
Chocosword (All reviews)
This is one of the shows where you can just relax and anticipate. This is not one of your romantic comedy, but a great parody comedy. The anime provides light romantic scenes for those who are interested in the romantic genre. There will be many references for those who are experienced anime watchers and there are common references from previous anime throughout this year and last year. There are many fun filled adventures that kept me watching this anime.

There is nearly no plot in this anime. It is just a parody anime that just focuses on making the audience laugh and have a good time. There are many gags in this anime that it makes up for the lack of plot. I can say that the scale of fun to episode ratio is going up at a steady rate. What I love the most is the gag with Mahiro and forks.

The art style is drawn quite good. I love the fact that the director uses Nyarko's hair strand to indicate her feelings. Other than that, who can't love the trap (Hasta)? Hasta is voiced by Kugimiya, Rie !! There is also another great character, Kuuko. The scenes Kuuko brings offers a tremendous amount of comedic events. Last but not least, we have Shantak! If you're into moe, this would be a great anime.

Overall, this anime is just great. I've enjoyed season 1 and season 2 was a good sequel. The characters are likeable and the fun factor is quite high. The music is amazing (OP/ED). The company put alot of money and made different endings. Each endings refers to an arc and it's quite good in my opinion. Even though this anime lacks a plot, the element of surprise from this anime will cover it up.