Jun 10, 2013
Aiura (Anime) add (All reviews)
Xerallite (All reviews)
If you don't know already the episodes are 4 minutes long.

Story - It's pretty simple, set around 3 girls in high school doing and talking about random things, don't expect much development in the story line.
Art - I love the art! The character designs are very good. What I like the most is the background art, it has that sketch/painting feel to it.
Sound - The music goes along well. The opening is fun to watch and catchy but nothing great. The ending has a nice and relaxing melody.
Character - The characters are cute and randomly funny, love the personality of everyone, goes great with the comedy.
Enjoyment - I'm really enjoying it so far, it make me laugh here and there.

Overall - If you are bored and just want fast comedy or kill some time this is for you. You could finish half the series in 30 minutes if you really wanted to.
Lastly you don't have to follow some complicated story line just watch, laugh, and enjoy the art!