Jun 10, 2013
Lockensocke (All reviews)
wow.. this anime is shit!
Because of its non existing storyline and its uninteresting and stupid character the only thing this anime got left, being worthy to watch, would be its action scenes... and they sucked. They were complete unrealistic and stupid. (I am not agains unrealism in anime at all, but this action scenes were like a fist of "unrealism" punshing into my face. I will come to the action scenes later on)

Well lets start off with the character (cuz i cant tell you much about the story):
You got rather 2 dominant main protagonists: Revy and Rock. I call them the dominant one because the black guy Dutch and the computer freak Benny werent much included in the show at all (a bit in the beginning but they disapeared more and more later on).

So Revy: Many people refer to her as an example for badass female protagonists, because she curses a lot and is good at shooting people... Well besides the fact that she looks like an 14 year old highschoolgirl (you saw that at many moments) dressed up like a hooker( and even sits down like a hooker (fanservice) most of the time) I am really interested why she has to curse all the time. Its like noone would believe she is an badass without her insulting her oponent (and all her allies) all the time. I mean, when you look at Balalaika: her cursing is nearly nothing compared to Revys and she is still 100 times more badass than her.
So we got a cute looking woman who curses all the time so you believe she is badass and who kills bad people in unrealistic gunbattles (kinda like an american version of a tsundere charactere... and everyone knows tsundere==shit)

Rock: Well Rock is the pussy of the anime (a bit cliche), who shows you the real power of gunfighting.. just kidding. WTF is the meaning behind a character who never uses a gun and who whines all the time about his situation (well at least he stopped that later on), being in a pure action gunfighting-anime???? Are u kidding me????? And the fact that in the second epiosde (or so )Balalaika seriously said to him what a tough guy he is made him even a bigger pussy than shinji was in the NGE anime.

I have to mention that Black Lagoon at least was able to introduce some interesting characters, like Balalaika...and i guess thats the only one.

To the action scenes:This anime is one of these were you know from the start who is going to win the fight( that is kinda stupid in the first place) and besides that fact, you only watch how much unrealistic stuff was put into these fights. I want to give you some examples for my statment:
Well there was this scene were their ship was chased by 4 others or so (episode3) where Revy jumped about 5 meters with an rocked lancher on her back then survives the rocked explosion right next to her with no scratch and could dodge (or whatever) the bullets from 2 guys fireing at her, who were both right infront of her... ofc. But the inability to aim or to pull the trigger bothers me a lot of this anime (do the enemey have some kind of fingere arthritic or something?) The enemies rather tell you their life story than shooting at you so that you could create the best plan for killing them (or whatever). Thats just retarded and the amount of facepalms in this anime was very high. (If you need some more examples for how stupid the action scenes are just message me)
I also have to mention that they actually did 1 good episode (EP15) where they finally didnt tell their life story to each other before the were going to fight.

There is much more that bothers me about this series and i cant tell you about all of them (mostly because i would have to rewatch the anime).
If you think I spoilered too much of the series then i have to tell you: If you havent watched this series yet i hope my review prevent you from doing so. You can thank me for this.

So overall it gets a well deserved 1/10 (could have been worse)