Jun 10, 2013
zCowley (All reviews)
8/10 so far... I think this is a fair rating of this and that the current 7.47 average is actually way too harsh. First off, the mangaka known as Seo Kouji is without a doubt my favourite of all drama writers. For me, Kimi no Iru Machi and Suzuka are the most ingenious stories I've read and I do hope this manga will also develop into something along the lines of their greatness. I would keep comparing these 3 manga however, Princess Lucia is very different. Seo Kouji has taken a risk of adding the supernatural element to his work as well as more comedy. If it weren't for the serious nature of the art I wouldn't think it was the work of Seo Kouji.

The reason why this manga is an 8/10 is because it is an all-round very good manga. The story is very good with the romance of a devil princess and angels. The art is just as you would expect from Kouji as well as the uniqueness of the characters. The overall enjoyment and rating therefore comes to a fair and well-judged 8/10. I would recommend this manga to any lovers of supernatural harems and ecchi scenes, also lovers of romance and tsundere characters.

- Thanks if you read the whole review, I'm happy to talk about this manga through messages or whatever as well. =^.^=