Jun 10, 2013
RedCom (All reviews)
(Pardon for my English, it's not my native language)
A rare OVA, last in Gall Force series line, has it's own problems and dignities.
The Revolution is just simply retelling the plot of first three shows of Gall Force (Eternal Story, Destruction, Stardust War). Of course, this retelling is inexact. There are a few new lines in a show, and a new ending, a happy one, which is unusual for Gall Force. Almost every previous OVA has a downer ending. And therefore this is the only GF show without the main plotline of the whole series - the cyclic character of civilisation progress, from one catastrophe to another.
This isn't bad after all, but now it's just another save-the-world story.
The character design is typical for 90's, something similar to Saber Marionettes or Nadesico chardis. Which is also not bad, but old 80's designs by Sonoda are just look better.
Mechanical design is 100% identical to first GF movie, so, for the good, there is nothing new and unusual.
OPs&EDs are forgettable but voice acting is really nice: the seiuus do their work right. After all, we have great VA like Kotono Mitsuishi and Kikuko Inoue at work. :-)

Overall, this is a fair show, entertaining and with simple storyline. It worth it's screentime, but rewatching this... I don't think so.