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Full Moon wo Sagashite
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I think some of the characters are similar, like: Tohru-Mitsuki Rin-Madoka Kyo-Takuto
report Recommended by WellFancyThat
I found the main girl to be similar in these two. While the stories are a little different, there are certainly elements which remain the same. Both follow the story of a hopeful girl who, despite all hardships, does her best to smile and fulfil a dream. Both are later "rescued" (depending on how you interpret it) and so the stories begin.
report Recommended by Lirael
They both have some kind of tragedy which they're trying to fight against and there's some guy around who's innocent but is still put as a bad person. :)
report Recommended by AlbinoMamba
Both are shoujo, with a non-important magical aspect. Both have a young, sweet female as the protagonist, and both are romances, but they are also both very deep and explore many other themes such as death. I would even go as far as to say that Full Moon is more depressing than Furuba, and both are much deeper than usual shoujo. They are also of similar length.
report Recommended by cirruscg
They are similar in the fact that both have a magical element to them, but the main character has to pick between two guys.
report Recommended by DiverGirl
Both of these manga are about imaginative girls who seem to be in a strange world. Then, they are joined by other people who they seem to help out with. Both Fruits Basket and Full Moon are very stylish manga about girls whom you would fall in love with and you will love the characters who provide comical relief such as Takuto - Kyo or Meroko and whatnot. They also provide comedy, some drama, and magic.
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both series are deceptively dark - are they cheerful fantastical romances? Rather, both deal with issues of suicide, illness and debilitating curses. Both say similar things and ask similar questions. The Sohma curse in Fruits Basket and the Shinigami curse in Full Moon share similarities too, each with their own discussion. Both situations are explored and complicated by the arrival of an unassuming, lonely girl. The most powerful people in each of their stories, both Tohru and Mitsuki provide the cursed with new ways to find answers. The most important similarity is that each of them offer deconstruction and utility of typical shoujo narratives. Crucially, neither are   read more
report Recommended by kumoru
Both involve a girl with similar situations. Also, both have romance and comedy and the art are both great.
report Recommended by akatsukireunites
Fruits Basket and Full Moon wo Sagashite are both shoujo manga about a female protagonist who has become an orphan and ends up getting herself in the middle of supernatural hijinks. She manages to touch the hearts of the people she meets along the way and finds herself in the middle of a potential love triangle with two boys. While they are both funny reads with some over-the-top comedy, there is also tragic and potentially touchy subject matter within the story.
report Recommended by Fario-P