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Both series explores the growth of the main characters as they discover their true potentials. Dedicating to a variety of shounen themes, both series crafts elements of unnatural powers. For Black Cover, it involves magic while Boku no Hero Academia deals with super powers. As the story progresses, we learn more about these powers with clear details. There is also distinctive character relationships that are often explored in both series as well in particular with the main protagonists. Recommended for fans who are looking for classic shounen.
report Recommended by Stark700
Possuem protagonistas semelhantes, pelo fato de ambos começarem o manga sem nenhum poder, a ação apesar de diferente, devida a características individuais de cada universo compartilham alguns pontos em comum, como batalhas em grupo e combinação de habilidades e os dois tem um humor leve e divertido também.
report Recommended by jaimepadilla
Talent-less protagonists who rise from the very bottom to the very top (hopefully). Very similar in a lot of aspects; isolated from and made fun of by everyone, didn't have even a spec of superhero power or magi in the beginning. The only difference is that My hero academia is set in a more modern and urban civilization whereas Black clover is set in a fantasy world similar to Dragon ball's and fairy tail's.
report Recommended by kapppirocks
I find these two manga alike because they both are about main characters that work hard and aren't geniuses. They both are picking up where Naruto left off. They are all good. And you'll enjoy this manga. Maybe not at first but you'll still like it.
report Recommended by Madara22
Both are gaining popularity due to the end of Naruto, and both are very young series' and are both part of Shonen Jump. Asta and Deku both have goals they want to achieve but are deemed as talentless by many of their peers. They both have best friends (IDK if Bakugou can be considered as one though) that are more talented than them and will always try to compete with them. Both contain alot of action, and both are really fast paced. If you love Black Clover, then you will definitely love My Hero Academia.
report Recommended by stupidninja
Another new shonen series that is most probably going to be big in the future
report Recommended by npwall
Both of the main characters (loosers) strive to become recognised in their own rights (heros)
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both Midorya and Asta grow up without any abilities, Midorya being quirk less and Asta unable to use any magic.
report Recommended by Nightmare_Eyes
Both series have a protagonist who starts off powerless but then gets the strongest power of them all and uses that newly gained power to try to achieve his goal of becoming the very best.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Boku no Hero is a shounen manga, with super powers, and Black Clover is a shounen manga with magic powers, so I think the person who likes one of then, can like the other, even they're not similar at all.
report Recommended by Fedidotaku