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With Glass Mask and Skip Beat, both of the female leads will do what it takes to make it in the entertainment world, even though their agenda and ultimate goals are different. They are also long running series. Skip Beat with over 20 volumes, and Glass Mask with over 40 - and still ongoing. If you like one, you would enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Aarana
Glass Mask and Skip Beat both focus on a young girl determined to make it big in the world of acting. However, while this connects both mangas, the difference between Kyoko and Maya's characters is vast. The dark, serious, and often times immature Kyoko provide much comic relief to the Skip Beat series whereas the creative, "genius" actress that sometimes lacks confidence allows readers of Glass Mask to wonder if she has what it takes to get the role of the legendary "Crimson Goddess". Despite the differences between the two characters, readers of one series will definitely be able to enjoy the   read more
report Recommended by iloveanime
Both are series about serious method actor girls. The rest of the cast draws parrells to. Kyoko=Maya, Ren=Masumi (and other characters *giggle*) Kanae sort of = Ayumi and Yahiro=Mizuki. There are many diffence in the plot (mainly cocerning the main characters motive for acting, but both series have humor, drama, bitchy actresses jealous of the main characters, and awesome romance scenes.
report Recommended by warriorhope
Both involve female leads working hard as actresses to portray their characters in a way that impacts the audience strongly.
report Recommended by afsaeed
Both stories are about the TV industry, about acting and about fighting for what you want.
report Recommended by tearly
I've read some were before that Glass Mask is like Skip Beats mother and I would have to agree. Glass Mask is about a girl and her career in acting just like in Skip Beat and the romance is a lot like. If you like older manga and you like Skip Beat you have to try Glass Mask!
report Recommended by Gwen-chan
Both have a girl who goes into show business and gradually gets more popular. Maya is kind of like the innocent side of Kyoko. Both characters surprise their coworkers when they get very into their characters, and there is the whole "I just can't get into the role" thing, and then they end up making up a character that surprises everyone. Kyoko and Kanae's relationship is similar to Maya and Ayumi's, except Kyoko and Kanae are more friendly with each other.
report Recommended by MeNaK
If you like the premise of Skip Beat but want more depth on the acting part, or just more depth in general, try Glass Mask. At one point you stop comparing it to Skip Beat because it's on a much higher level. Both are very good in their own ways though, and kind of complement one another, Skip Beat having what Glass Mask lacks and vice-versa.
report Recommended by toricchi
Both of the main character want to be an actor. Glass no Kamen is long and kinda slow but worth the while, while Skip Beat is faster and so many things happening. Both of the main characters are both young girls and both of them have big love of acting. They have both flaws and in Glass no Kamen her flaws are bigger but they are both lovable. I love both manga and would own both of them if Glass no Kamen would be in english but they are only so on the internet, sadly.
report Recommended by DarkWinkedDragon
The one thing that will always amaze readers about both series is their ability to draw anyone in, no matter the gender...or age. Both takes on the same theme: acting. Whether theatrical or televised acting, Skip Beat! and Glass no Kamen (Glass Mask) tackles the said art. They are top-billed by overactive girls whose talent in that department so far outshines even veterans that leaves both friends and rivals alike gaping in their wake. Talented they may be, but the two female leads lack the sensitivity to notice that they may actually be far more amazing actresses than they made   read more
report Recommended by nvravi