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This is also where a girl cross dresses to get into an all boy school, but the sport is basketball instead of high jump
report Recommended by skettlre
Same story just with different characters and a few other small changes that don't really matter. It's not AS good as Hana-Kimi, but its still really good and worth reading if you liked that, and while its the same stuff it manages to make it so you dont feel like your just re-reading HK or something.
report Recommended by TallonKarrde23
It feels very identical to me, not only is the art similar, but the story and occurances are as well. For example, both female leads don't know how to find their own bed after the lights have gone out ^^; Very charming if you have read one to read the other, even though it feels a bit repetative.
report Recommended by Aarana
Both manga have the same basic storyline, with the girl crossdressing as a boy (although one was willing and the other was forced), sharing a dorm room with a guy, and well, see what happens.
report Recommended by chibifox27
The same story, a girl come into a school as a guy, fell in love with her roomate...
report Recommended by Paper_Moon
Hana-Kimi is high jump while Power is basketball. BUT Hana-Kimi is much better, both in its artistic style and its plot!
report Recommended by Danaisha
Both have girls pretending to boys in an all boys high school
report Recommended by Di27
A girl has to disguise herself as a boy for one reason or another. Her love interest is her roommate, but complications arise when the roommate starts to fall in love with the girl. They are both really well done.
report Recommended by kallykinsCXIII
My first impression of Power!! (also known as Girl Got Game) was that it was basically the basketball version of Hana-Kimi. There are huge differences between the two -- the biggest being that Power!! is comedic where Hana-Kimi is dramatic -- but they share the same basic dynamic, girl pretending to be boy lives with boy. Gender-bending has never been so hilarious!
report Recommended by Maechi
If you like Hana Kimi, then you might wanna try reading Power!! Girl got Game. The plot is not similar but yet so close. In hana kimi, the main female character disguising as a boy to meet the one she idolized that is one of the high jump athlete, while in power, the female character disguising as a boy because her father told her so in order for her to join the well known high school basketball club. But one thing in common about this two girl is they just funny and hilarious, and the fact that they had to hide their identity.
report Recommended by amiyusoku
Cross-dressing fun! :) Girl infiltrates school as boy, chaos ensues! Power!! is published by Tokyopop as Girl Got Game, and has less drama than Hana-Kimi, but lots more comedy!
report Recommended by sarcastigirl
Both are incredibly similar. They both are in situations where they have to pretend to be a boy and live with other boys. They also both end up falling for the one they have to share a room with. And they both involve sports. Except girl got game is more comedy and hana kimi is more romance. They're both great though =D
report Recommended by tikuku
Both are gender-benders and involve sports.
report Recommended by Kio_
gender-benders, very sweet stories about a girl posing a guy attending school for different reasons. coincidentally (or .. not) they both are in love with their roommates
report Recommended by Rubberducki
They're both about a cross-dressing girl who goes to an all boys-school. Both girls fall in love with their room-mates, who by the way are really good at sports (so are the girls, as well).
report Recommended by Nakiwarai
They are exactly the same except for in Hana Kimi, Mizuki goes of her own free will, and in Power, Aizawa is forced.
report Recommended by Purplemanatees
Power!! and Hana-Kimi are both gender-bender series, both are very funny comedies and characters are simply hilarious. But let me tell you a secret: I enjoyed Power!! more than Hana-Kimi. Why? Power!! is more comedy than shoujo, it contains more action + I absolutely LOVE pairing Kyo/Chiharu (and this statement comes from someone who usually hates shoujo... Power!! is shoujo for people who don´t like shoujo. Hana-Kimi is more about romance and such, but it´s still great and funny. I highly recommend both series.
report Recommended by Ishikatsu
They are both about a girl who cross dresses as a guy and fall in love with their roommates.
report Recommended by Taylorgg12
Power!! is another gender-bender about a girl who has to cross-dress as a boy. The difference here is the girl is forced by her father in order to play on the top-ranked boys basketball team, and the focus on this series is comedy whereas Hana-Kimi has more drama.
report Recommended by Rabucon
If you loved the gender bender comedy of Hana Kimi you will enjoy Power - Girl Got Game. She is enrolled by her basketball loving father as a male at a school so she can play on the guys basketball team so she has to live in the guys dorm and hide the fact she's a girl. Lots of comedy and fun!!! Enjoy. Power is different enough from Hana Kimi that you won't feel like it's a copy and Power! is really really funny, like rolling on the floor funny.
report Recommended by inzaratha
Although the main ideas are the same, with a girl disguising as a guy and sports and whatnot, these stories are both unique and well-written. Both stories are romance with a girl living with a guy who doesn't know her true gender at first. Although those are very similar already, the stories go different directions after that. One girl purposefully disguised as a guy to watch her idol high jump, while the other is forced to disguise herself by her father. Despite that, she has a sport she sticks to, unlike the other. The girl's roommates are both similar in many ways. Their personalities, their reactions, etc.   read more
report Recommended by angelabsun