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Epic stories where an ordinary but strong and charismatic female lead is chosen by a prophecy, thrown into battle and forced to dress as a man to survive
report Recommended by as3
Both have girl posing as a man, in a time with knights, magic, monarchy, etc. the heroines are both physically and mentally strong, although the heroine of Saver is a bit more masculine. lots of interweaving plot threads. romance in both involves not knowing each other's true identity
report Recommended by lividium
similar story lines with a girl pretending to be a boy for the sake of saving the world
report Recommended by Rubberducki
similar era, girl poses as boy to save the world
report Recommended by serena4you
Both pretty similar in story wise, girl dresses up as a boy, prophecy to save the world, sword fighting, historical romance.
report Recommended by automnesouriant
The two are similar in various ways. 1. Setting- both are set in a historical setting (although Saver travels back and forth in time) 2. Strong Female Lead-both Ley and Sasara are forced to become men due to their circumstances. Saver focuses more on Ley's revenge and goal rather than romance, whereas Basara balances war and romance with emphasis on romance. Does a female lead who constantly fights for her love make her weak? That is up to you to decide. 3. War- in both series, the protagonist is a leader of a fighting regimen. Dressed as men, the protagonist travels around and gathers allies and   read more
report Recommended by jollyroger221b