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both of the main characters start out very similar both very weak willed, give up easily and bullied by their peers.In Boku no Hero Academia the main protagonist is smart however alienated by his classmates for being the only one not having superpowers.While in Katekyo Hitman Reborn the main protagonist is bullied simply because he is bad at everything, from sports,to school and social life.As the plot deepens however they grow stronger as an individual.
report Recommended by forgottenangel94
Taking on a variety of shouen style themes, both series revolves around a young boy with a strong will to make a difference. The main character from both series are often targets for bullying but as their story progresses, they gain power and ability to stand up against others. Both series follow a set of arcs that crafts storyline based on events of the present with a variety of characters. Throughout these storylines, the main character meets both new rivals and foes.
report Recommended by Stark700
A wimpy and powerless main character gains powers from a teacher-figure character and slowly learns to control them. He makes friends, is awkward around the girl he likes, has people who stand in his way, etc. Both are action/comedies, though KHR starts off much more comedically and more like a slice of life manga at first.
report Recommended by Asfaria
The main characters for MHA and KHR are very similar, they are both very wimpy at the start but develop and become a lot more brave. They both have a teacher figure (Reborn-Reborn and Academia-All Might) that grant the main character a power.
report Recommended by NearSky
Both have protagonists that are below average, but through a fateful encounter with a mentor and strong will to protect others they become one of the strongest characters in the series
report Recommended by asianfromhel
- Both involves a 'weak' protagonist at the start - Both involves students with superpowers - Both are shonen - Similar vibe - Both have serious fights and comedic parts - Good character developments
report Recommended by xxxchocolaxxx