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If you ignore the comedy/parody part .. then there is hardly any difference between OPM and Solo Levelling.. starting from the Unknown or not yet revealed reason/logic behind the strength of the Overpowered Main character, the concept of growing from weak to insanely strong , the main character ranked very low despite having the strength to outclass the proud fighters in the higher ranks, everyone looking down on the MC because of his low rank, MC gradually climbing up in rankings while shocking and surprising everyone, the random apprearence of monsters in cities and special humans with abilities to fight them organised in a ranking   read more
report Recommended by Sandymikoto
Both have a protagonist that grew from a regular human to an unimaginably owerpovered being, to an extent that it is so beyond the understanding of the power system of others they simply cannot believe it. Both protagonists are part of an association - hero association and hunter association, whose purpose is to fight monsters that randomly appear in the city.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Powerful monsters that threaten humanity, mysterious powers bestowed on only some people, very powerful protagonist, excellent artwork, gripping story.
report Recommended by cr0ybot
A society that relies on heroes to vanquish the monsters of the world, and the higher ranked members get special treatment. The main character is also a nobody who eventually becomes the most powerful hero.
report Recommended by SteamedPlague
The main difference between them is the comedy part about OPM. Besides that both have a MC that becomes overpowered because unknown reasons and who's ranked very low despite being ridicously strong. Also both of them have amazing drawings. Seriously, you will fall in love with the artstyle of them.
report Recommended by Unai222
Both starts off with a weak protagonists that want to become strong. Although the tone is very different (one being satirical parody, one being how the protagonist develop), the world-building is nearly identical. Both have monster suddenly appearing on their world, have some companies hiring people as heroes/hunters, ranks their heroes, etc. And one of the prominent thing to know is that both of these titles have awesome art (the type that feels as if the pictures are moving) and pure badassery (especially when they fight). Despite the fact that I found these two titles similar, Solo Leveling focuses less on side characters (almost non-existent).
report Recommended by FrostDirt
Except for the satirical part of One Punch Man, both have some similarities: - Ranks, with S rank being the highest. - It is in the present age. - People who have awakened their powers become hired by some company to fight monsters. - Awesome protagonist. Also, there are several small narrative similarities.
report Recommended by other_
-Both stories have a class system on it being S class the strongest -Both have moments that gonna make you get Hyped -Both main characters have a kinda similar backstory from being weak to really strong And even so that one punch man has an insane art that you are not going to easily find at any manga there are some moments on solo leveling that are going to surprise you with the art too
report Recommended by k1rb
The main similarity is Op main character, both are done extremely well. One punch man does have its comedy aspect of it but Solo Leveling like any action type manga can be funny at times. Art styles are worlds apart in terms of style but both look amazing in their own ways.
report Recommended by Rudeusleftnut