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In both manga the heroine has an excellent sense of taste and got into a special school thanks to someone's recommendation. While Najica plans to become a chef and is already good at cooking, Ichigo wants to become a pâtissière just like her grandmother and is a complete beginner.
report Recommended by Canal
Both about cooking and have a similar storyline.
report Recommended by Reflectica
They're both about a young girl who wants to be a chef when she grows up. And they both have the same sort of shoujo style to them.
report Recommended by LunaNightmare
- both the protagonists love sweets; - both have a sharp taste; - both face difficulties in school; - are rejected by their classmates; - but they find friends; - and continue to fight for your dreams; - change opinions, - and upgrade themselves, proving their value.
report Recommended by Airy
Both Main charcters ate something good which made them smile and want to learn how to cook / bake. Najika and Ichijo Both get recomended into a rich school for the talented, and aim to make the best dessert / strawberry tart that they ate when they were little that made them smile. Najika and Ichigo both love eatting. Along the way of becoming famous, they both meet 2-3 nice guys that help them on there way, and have some sort of romantic feeling between them, which leads to a group of hater girls. In conclusion Kitchen princess and Yumeiro Patissiere are exactly the same in   read more
report Recommended by Piink_LEMON
Both Manga are about pastry creation. Both Najika and Ichigo have similar personalities - Cheerful, and their dream is to become great patissier and create smiles with their sweets.
report Recommended by Sparkling_Heart
Both main character is a girl and the theme is mainly about cooking and romance. Also both has that cold hearted boy before getting to know the girl. SO amazing and cute! <3 The plot is pretty similar except in Kitchen Princess, Najika was already a talented chef from the start, and in yumeiro Patissiere, Ichigo has to work hard to become a wonder patissiere. They are both simply amazing.
report Recommended by leechee0416
Najika from Kitchen Princess is like Ichigo if she could cook well. Both girls have an extraordinary sense of taste and a great idea of what goes well together, and both want to become a patissiere. Ichigo wants to become a patissiere with no experience, while Najika can already cook. At first, both girls are excluded from their classes, but they both eventually get accepted, and respected.
report Recommended by MeNaK
Because it's a shoujo about sweets and going to a pastry school. Both manga's have school princes who fall in love with the main character.
report Recommended by Risa_no_hime
If you loved the recipes and cooking themes, these two manga share both aspects. However, in Kitchen Princess the characters are older than in Yumeiro Patissiere and deal with more affairs of the heart in addition to cooking competitions. The art is equally fantastic in both series in regards to the food.
report Recommended by Chinomi-san