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Kase-san Series
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Kase-san Series
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Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Both manga have well-written, endearing romances, both are adorably fluffy with great pay-offs, and both have similar settings/concepts (both shows are about high school age girls getting close to graduating, and feature the same themes of first love and inexperience). Both of these manga also have a very similar relationship dynamic between the charmingly clueless protagonist and her popular, cool senpai.
report Recommended by Mistrals_
Both lighthearted school stories without "in-your-face" drama. While Yagakimi has a well developed, mostly linear but still unique plot leading to a conclusive ending, Kase-san's charm is in its cutesy SOL and sometimes doki-doki moments.
report Recommended by Mashiiiron
Both are sweet yuri mangas, with the difference that Yagate Kimi Ni Naru has its plot around the MC development, while Kase-san Series explores the challenges of the relationship.
report Recommended by BetterBegoneThot
both are similar, a girls love + slice of life + daily school + good dialogues and many cute moments
report Recommended by eimikoz
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